What Charities Do With Donated Cars

Posted on Sunday 15 November 2009

People who have donated cars to charity may wonder how these charities use them. This is especially true if you donate autos which are no longer in working condition. The way that charities will handle donated vehicles depends on a few different factors.

These factors can include the shape that the car is in, what programs the charity is involved, and whether they have access to parts in order to get non working vehicles working again. For example, a working vehicle may be used to transport patients to medical appointments, meetings or treatments. However, even these charities can benefit from vehicles which are not working.

A non working vehicle can still be a benefit to different charities. If they have access to parts and a mechanic, they can often get a car which is not running but in good shape working again and then it can be used in the programs that the charity is running.

Many charities will sell the cars which are donated to them. If the car is not running, it can be sold for scrap parts and metal. This money is then used to help finance programs the charity is running. Even a car which is in bad condition can still be an asset to the charity in this way.

Because donated cars are worth money to charities, you can get a receipt for a charitable donation when you sign your car over to that charity. It is one way that you can get an old car in bad condition off of the road and still allows it to benefit a cause that you feel strongly about.

If you are interested in donating a vehicle to charity, you can find a list on several websites. In many cases, you can also arrange to have the car picked up through the websites as well.

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