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Vehicle Donation Is One Of The Finest Sources Of Cure Of Cancer Ailment

Various charities encourage the people to donate different types of vehicles to raise the necessary funds for the cure of the deadliest ailments like cancer that the underprivileged in the society are battling with.
These vehicle donation acts have increased in the recent past because of the economic upheaval that has affected the poor and the [...]

Donot Dump Your Car In The Junkyard Just Donate Them For Good Cause

Car donation for the cause of charity comes to those who think of being humane. It doesn’t delimit you with a specific make and model of the vehicle but, by far it can include any running or non-running vehicle.

If you’ve a specific charity in mind, you can be assured that your car will be donated [...]

Car Donation: Caring Cars

Do you feel passionate about supporting cancer research? Does your heart go out to abandoned animals? Does the thought of homeless veterans make upset? Do you really wish that you could help out these and other causes but cannot see how it could fit into your budget?
Do you have used SUV that you are planning [...]

Donating Your Car: A Guide To Vehicle Donation For Charity

When deciding what to do with a vehicle you have and don’t want to spend the time selling a good choice is donating your car to charity.  There are many charities out there that accept vehicles as donations. A quick Google of the web can provide you with a lot of information and it won’t [...]

Boat Donation: A New Way To Contribute To Charities

Many people have heard you can donate vehicles to charity, but did you know that it is not simply cars that these organizations are looking for? It’s true. Boat donation is just as welcome and many charities welcome any vehicles they can get.
But not all of them do. It is important when you are looking [...]

Can I Donate More Than Just My Car or Van?

If you’re looking at options for used vehicle donation, you might also consider more than just car or van donation. Have you considered donating your boat? Charities can benefit from many items and more people than ever are looking at other items beyond a car or truck being donated to help a charity.
Boat Donation
Boat donation [...]