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Saving Single Moms With Car Donations

Being a single mother in the middle of the mounting economic problems around can be quite a challenge. With the cost of gas rising by the minute, transportation bills can be quite hard to work around. I should know, I’m a single mother myself. My life changed however when I got a car donation through [...]

Charities and Donate a Car

If you are looking to donate a car, and you want to take the stress out of doing all the foot work yourself, you can fill out a simple online form. When you make a car donation, you can be sure that the charity you choose is getting a large percentage of the money that [...]

Car Donations and Charities

If you are looking to donate a car, you can fill out a simple online form to donate your car today. They offer various charities that you can give the money from your donated vehicle too. All you need to know is your personal information choose a charity, and your vehicle information to donate.
They will [...]

How To Donate A Vehicle To Charity Using The Internet

If you have wanted to donate a vehicle to charity but don’t know where to start, the answer could be as close as your computer. You can use the internet to connect with a number of donate car charity websites.
The National Kidney Foundation is one such charity that uses vehicle donations to fund research and [...]

Welcome New Charities

We’d like to welcome new charites Meow or Never, I Believe in Holy Family Academy, Saving Teens in Crisis, and Open Pantry.  If you would like to be added to our list of charites, please contact us.  Car donations are a great source of supplemental funds.

Getting Your Car Donation Ready For Charity

If you’re planning to donate a car, truck, boat, RV, ATV or something else of substantial value to charity, there are many benefits to you and the associated charity.  Here are some things you can do to get ready and make the transaction smooth and easy for your chosen charity as well as for yourself.
Get [...]

Car Donations: Help People Learn New Skills

You might think your old derelict automobile isn’t suitable for charity car donation. Not necessarily true! Not only do cars get auctioned off for proceeds to a charity but there are other good reasons for donating a car as well.  Your donation could even help someone learn a new skill so they can have a [...]

Donate A Car, New York Residents Will Thank you

When a person takes the initiative to donate a car, New York charities and the people that they serve benefit from that generosity. Auto donation programs maintain websites that make it easy for you, as the donor, to find the New York charity that you most want to support.
Consider, for example, just some of [...]

You Want to Donate A Car: Jewish Organizations Want It

Donated autos make a world of different to various Jewish organizations. The money that is raised from a car donation can put food on the table for needy families, provide education for students or contribute to helping Israel.
Here are some examples of Jewish organizations that welcome donated vehicles:
* Jewish Community Centers: Jewish Community [...]

Donate Car: Massachusetts Will Benefit

If you live in Massachusetts and you want to donate a vehicle then you might be interested to know which Massachusetts charities can benefit from your donation. The charities are as diverse as the Commonwealth itself so you will be able to find a charity that you have a personal interest in helping.
Some of [...]