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Cars Helping America Charity

It’s always the season to give. Cars Helping America is America’s #1 car donation program. We work with donors and businesses to collect cars, trucks, vans, SUV and boats that are generously donated to help people across the nation.
Our courteous and friendly staff is on standby to assist you with your car donation today. We [...]

Donate A Car To Cars Helping America

I was looking to donate my car when I was informed about the Cars Helping America program. I found the most useful information on their website. The information was easy to understand and the process seemed very simple. I liked that the service offered helped me donate my car faster than I thought. The entire [...]

Tax Credits From Car Donations

Disposing of used cars can be done effectively through car donations. Making car donations can be done by getting in touch with a donation company and arranging for the disposal of your car. A donation is faster and easier than selling an old car in the market.
Therefore, this donation helps to avoid all the hassles [...]

Whether Or Not To Donate My Car

There may have been thoughts that crossed your mind on whether or not to “donate my car” and this happens to a lot of people around the world. In the past several decades, car donation has been extensively done and is a valuable form of charity both in the United States and in other countries.
People [...]

Car Charity: It Is More Than Just A Feel Good Factor

When someone talks about car charity, not everyone quite understands what the big deal is and why so many people are involved with it. However, if you do give it a try and see for yourself, you might probably understand why people are so willing towards it and have no restrictions whatsoever in taking part [...]

Donate My Car: Find Committed Agent

It is unthinkable to even imagine that someone would want to tamper with a donation that you have set aside for the needy. However, it is not something that you would just take lightly. Not everyone has the fellow feeling heart, there are those who are greedy and out to make something out of what [...]

Car Charity: Choose Where To Assist

It is good to have your freedom when you have a heart to help. There are those who are in dire need and when you are touched to help them, you need to have the freedom and the liberty to do so. There are several charity organizations that welcome help from people who have minds [...]

Car Donation Can Add High Repo To Your Social Profile

The popularity rate of people opting to donate their old cars is gaining is increasing rapidly. This is a good thing, for in this world full or crimes and violence, there are still these good acts that are not let to rot along with old cars. If you are one of these people then congratulations, [...]

Did You Know? Car Donation Can Save A Kid’s Life?

In today’s time people are no longer limited to only one car, most of the times each household have two if not three different cars at a time. When one car breaks down, it is immediately replaced, other times is when a family is faced with the need to get larger and newer versions. At [...]

Shade Some Of That: Loosing Financial Burdens The Car Charity Way

There is this saying among business people that a car is an added expense and so the less you have the better. Books have been written about how the earn money and most of them talk of what one can do to reduce the exit and widen the money inlet. True to the saying, that [...]