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Vehicle Donation Is One Of The Finest Sources Of Cure Of Cancer Ailment

Various charities encourage the people to donate different types of vehicles to raise the necessary funds for the cure of the deadliest ailments like cancer that the underprivileged in the society are battling with.
These vehicle donation acts have increased in the recent past because of the economic upheaval that has affected the poor and the [...]

Where To Make Car Donation Online

There quite a number of places you can do car donations, the first and most utilized is the Internet. Typing the word car donations on your favorite internet browser will result to a number of sites that deal with car donations. It is very important to do a background research on any company that you [...]

Donating Your Car: A Guide To Vehicle Donation For Charity

When deciding what to do with a vehicle you have and don’t want to spend the time selling a good choice is donating your car to charity.  There are many charities out there that accept vehicles as donations. A quick Google of the web can provide you with a lot of information and it won’t [...]

How Choosing To Donate A Car To The NPR Can Benefit Everyone

Do you know why people choose to donate a car to NPR? National Public Radio is a wonderful service that makes great use of the money they get from the donation of a car, truck or boat. The money that they receive from the sale of donated vehicles goes directly to support amazing, public radio [...]

You Want to Donate A Car: Jewish Organizations Want It

Donated autos make a world of different to various Jewish organizations. The money that is raised from a car donation can put food on the table for needy families, provide education for students or contribute to helping Israel.
Here are some examples of Jewish organizations that welcome donated vehicles:
* Jewish Community Centers: Jewish Community [...]

Donate Your Car To Help Animals

If you’re thinking about a used car donation, here’s a tidbit of info that might help you make that decision. Your donation can help many different causes including the well-being of animals.  For example, the Arizona Adopt a GreyHound charity can benefit from the sale of your used car. Cars Helping America is a car [...]

FAQ About Car Donation Charities

If you’re interested in donating your car to charity, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re currently pondering whether to: give your car to charity, sell your car privately or trade your car in today’s post can help you see the benefits of car donation.
Charities can benefit from your generosity by either selling the [...]

Are There Car Donation Options In NY and NJ?

Are you looking to donate your car? NJ and NY options are plentiful in terms of charities that want to take your used vehicle.  Whether you have a road worthy used car or a car that will need towing from your location to the charity auction, you can make these arrangements at no cost to [...]

Donate old car

Just because your car is old does not mean you cannot donate your car to charity. Old cars still may have a useful life and have some value. To Donate old car to charity please fill out the car donation form. Your old car will be picked up quickly and you will [...]

Helping Hands Car Donation

The Helping Hands school is now accepting car donations to support their school. Cars Helping America is the authorized agent for donated cars to fund Helping Hands School’s mission. Helping Hands is one of over 75 charities supported by Cars Helping America, a Massachusetts based Car Donation program.