Shade Some Of That: Loosing Financial Burdens The Car Charity Way

Posted on Monday 27 September 2010

There is this saying among business people that a car is an added expense and so the less you have the better. Books have been written about how the earn money and most of them talk of what one can do to reduce the exit and widen the money inlet. True to the saying, that is the most appropriate way of increasing wealth.

Consider yourself having three vehicles, The truth is that you can only use one at any given time. The others will be at the parking bay. But it is a must that you maintain all the three of them, to keep them in perfect condition, not forgetting the fact that you will need to pay all the applicable taxes to the IRA for all the cars at the same time.

To reduce this expense, it is a recommendation that you give up at least one vehicle to a car charity. You must now be asking, to what benefit. Right back at you, to what benefit does a parked car give? Does it add value to life, and what if someone would put it into a good use, would it change the world?

When you donate a car to charity you most definitely will add value to someone’s life. This will be a big and better benefit to you since you will get double tax value, a full tax deduction to you and a full value for money on the car to the car donation charity.

Come to think of it, you have changed the world, who knows tomorrow, your own kind could be saved by another man’s generosity!

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Listening To The Soul: Donate My Car?

Posted on Tuesday 21 September 2010

I had a dream, not Martin Luther king Jr.’s dream, but my own kind of dream. I dreamt that I went to heaven, and found the angels at the door, they wanted me to give them a reason for entering, I said… ‘I once donate my car’ there was joy and pandemonium as they carried me shoulder high and took me into the gates. Then a young man came to me and said, ‘that car you donated, helped my brother not to fall into crime our father I did.’

I was curious, so I asked ‘where is your father?’ He pointed the other direction. There was a fire, and people were suffering. Then  the angels brought me coffee, I could feel the smell, it was the best coffee that I had ever smelt, the aroma was deep and satisfying, then I looked up to see the angel…

Betty! You are an angel! I cried with joy…

Oh! So you know…

The dream faded fast and I opened my eyes… Betty was smiling down at me. Betty is my fiancée you know. But the dream made me think. What happens if you donate a car? Will someone change their life if they get the car donations? It is an amazing feeling just to know that there is someone who through a car donation charity has improved their life. No wonder three days later, our car was donated and we knew for sure that someone has benefited and is changing the way they live for good.

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The Bold And The Charityfull Car Donation

Posted on Tuesday 14 September 2010

Businessmen, political leaders, actors, and musicians to name but a few, have something that many other people don’t. Though all of us are endowed with talent, not all of us have given our talent the chance it deserves, and so we are stuck in nine to five traffic. The boldness of these people has seen them respected and revered. They become the standards by which most of us desire to live for. So they are part and fabrics of this very society, our children ape them we take then as examples, and when they fall, it huts everyone.

There is also that anonymous guy who decides to donate a car to charity. Though many people don’t know him, the recipient of that car will almost worship him. The boldness of this man to take something he values and just give away is most astonishing. This sets him on a pedestal far higher than any actor or politician can reach.

As the need for car donations increases in our society, so is the need for bold people who do not need cameras on their faces to do great things. As a donor you are protected by the law, and you get to give back genuinely to the society that bred you!

To be this bold hero, all you need is to visit a car donation charity website and sign in the car donations forms. You will then wait for the car charity to visit, and pick the car for valuation; you will also get a receipt for your donation which is very important for the IRA tax issues!

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The House Of Dreams: Donate A Car Today

Posted on Monday 6 September 2010

Many people dream of having a car. As the world works though, if dreams were horses, everyone would ride! So they live on their dreams for years on end and find out the hard way, that without that college diploma, a degree or skill that would land them a good job, they will only ever ride their parents vehicle, or none at all.

The other interesting phenomenon in the inner cities is that many young people want to get out, they want to work corporate corridors, and walk up the business leadership ladders, But to get there they need good grades, good colleges, and good degrees.

To think of it, these dreams ride on mobility. The further you get from the inner-city, the more likely you are to succeed, that is where the car donation charity comes in. if for example you donate a car today, then that car is availed to one inner-city kid, to get to college every day, then you have opened up wealth to his or her family.  He will be able to finish his college and search for work in the right places!

Better still, if the car donations are sold and the money converted to fees for these young men, then they are able to pay for their tuition and further their careers. One car will change the life of approximately five people directly and over thirty indirectly. To make the dreams of these young people a reality, donate a car today to the car charity near you!

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Lost In The Car: Tax And The Car Charity

Posted on Friday 27 August 2010

The new US charity tax laws that came into effect in the year 2005 were meant to safeguard donors from double taxation and also improve the situation when it came to car donations. The donations would be ably tracked down by the federal government and ease taxable income deducted to ensure that the right persons received the cars donated.

The working of the tax law is swift and effective and has helped the majority of donors to be able to track down the usage of the car that they gave up  for donation.

The tax law indicates clearly that the tax deductions that could be claimed for a car would be up to five hundred dollars if the car is sold for less than the five hundred dollars. But if the car is sold for more, you are eligible to claim full tax deductions at the value of the car. This gives you the unique opportunity to do two things…

1.    Get out of the taxman’s noose,

2.    Get one hundred percent donation to the car charity of your choice.

The tax deductions have also been generally agreed upon that in case the car is used as a program car, that is if someone in need of a charity car is given the car for use, then you are allowed to claim up to full market value tax deductions for the car you donate and the receipt given to you by the car donation charity will act as the tax receipt. Furthermore, for vehicle above the five thousand mark, you are allowed personal or independent appraisal.

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A Little Blessing And Car Charity

Posted on Wednesday 25 August 2010

A little blessing is what everyone needs. A mother who loses her income and still needs to feed her children needs them. A blind man does, even a strong rich man needs blessings. After all what has gotten him rich, is blessings. Why has he been blessed?

To bless others, so if he had three cars, that is extra baggage, paying for the tax, maintaining the cars, fuel, security and the other charges that the car takes away from his income. Now if you donate a car, the baggage reduces, and you get to help someone who really needs the car; many at times we do not take that angle of thought.

Car charity is one area of philanthropy that passes blessings to everyone involved. First and foremost, the forms are easy to fill online. The basic things to know about the best car donation agents, is to understand first and foremost their commitment and dedication to what they do. Do they take it upon themselves to give maximum value to the charities from the cars that they sell?

These are major decisions that one needs to know. There are other pertinent issues like tax deductions. Are these also taken care of by the car charity agent and how do they value car donation that go over the five hundred dollar ceiling? Do they do the valuation themselves or do they have qualified internal valuers. These questions answered, you can sit back and enjoy seeing someone get blessed as your own boundaries increase by the day.

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She Going To Die: Car Charity That Is A New Life

Posted on Monday 16 August 2010

Have you ever known that cars are born, they live through a full life and eventually grow old and die just like the humans do? Well if you don’t know, think about it. A couple of years, months or even days and hours ago, you bought a car.

The leather was exquisite, the smell was totally new and you loved the way the car moved, sleek, smooth and comfortable were your description to it and for the first time, you thought your friends don’t deserve to sit in it! Just to remind you again, that was the birth.

Now the car starts work and you use the car for a while. During this time you get an accident, punctures ET all, and you survive with the car, then finally, you decide it is time to buy a new car, this particular one is old. That is the cars lifetime, and when the car is old but usable, you either sell, or walk to a car Charity and donate.

The second option is the best. Across town, there is a mother with five children in need of transport to go to school. They do not have a car and so during winter, they cannot go to school. When it snows, they have no way of getting to school without catching a cold.

When you donate car to charity, you help this and many more families get around. And these opportunities enrich their lives! What a better way to end the life of something you love by starting a whole new life for it.

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Old Is Gold At The Car Donation Charity

Posted on Friday 13 August 2010

Now do you have that most treasured car? The one that has given you lots of joy and history? Is it that time when the car needs to go! Donate that car to a car donation charity! And you will never regret your decision to make a life better elsewhere. That old baby has gone through the sun and rode though the rain. Maybe she is battered and scratched from an accident once.

Then there comes you promotion at work, that RBA scheme fund comes in, and even business upgrades you. There can only be one meaning to the equation, you need a new car, a question, what do you do with the old one?

AT the Car donation charity, all id gold and old is treasure. These old cars; as long as they are in good working condition pose an awesome profit for a kid suffering somewhere, and old man without a family, a homeless man and even a hungry mother.

If you donate a car now, a child might finish school ten miles away or even fifty counties away! And you will have lost nothing by getting the gratitude of a hungry homeless person, or a desperate mother.

It may never occur to you but each donation you make to a car donation charity directly helps a charity of your own liking to in turn make impact in the society we live in. how then can we claim to be global citizens when we cannot help those who need us the most, and yet all we have to do is to give up something we don’t really need?

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Going Going Gone! The Car Charity Auction

Posted on Saturday 7 August 2010

Never in the world will anyone find the kind of adrenaline that goes into auctions! The bargains we find the haggling we have to do and the competition that everyone puts into the art. It is actually one of the best experiences anyone can have.

The other thing that almost compares to this feeling is philanthropy. Being one does not cost you anything but a good heart and lots of energy. There is nothing better than seeing someone you have helped grow out of their pain and get strong by the day!

The car charity auctions that are held periodically are a place you will have to visit if I have described you. The car donations are sold at prices ranging from five hundred dollars upwards and all the money goes into the charities chosen by the car donors.

These donated cars have fully been transferred from the donors’ ownership to that of the car donation charity for ease of transfer to whoever will buy the car. There are IRA forms and regulations followed to the later and the owner gets a receipt for the amount of money he car is sold for.

This is good for both the charity and the donors. You do not want to donate your car only to be tailed by the I RA, the taxman can bring you down.

After all is said and done, a good thing comes out of the old, and as Wisemen say, one man’s poison will ever be another man’s meat.

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Donated: Car Donations That Get Into Program

Posted on Wednesday 4 August 2010

Not every car that is donated can be reused by anyone. Some of these cars are unusable and they are sold for a small amount to get the money into charity. There are car standards even though nothing limits us from getting it right when we decide we are going to donate a car to charity. There are two categories of donated cars although they are not rated by make, model, year or even mileage, they are rated by age.

The way you use your car, in the end brings in the age factor. An abused car will be older that a well taken care of car. The later runs well; consumes less fuel and is economical for re-use. These donated cars are put into what car charities call program, that is, someone will a ply for a charity car and they will be given on merit. That car is not sold to the recipient but provided depending on the needs of the receiver.

To put your car into program, you will need to make sure you use it well, service it and provide clear, concise data on the safety and reusability of your car. This way you have more impact on the society you wish to salvage! It is no use taking scrap to a charity.

When you do that, then it is almost a fallacy on your part. If that old car is still in a working condition but needs minimal repair, you have still helped the car charity as these can be repairs and sent to help other people.

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