Cars Helping America Charity

Posted on Monday 10 January 2011

It’s always the season to give. Cars Helping America is America’s #1 car donation program. We work with donors and businesses to collect cars, trucks, vans, SUV and boats that are generously donated to help people across the nation.

Our courteous and friendly staff is on standby to assist you with your car donation today. We have a special commitment of extending the biggest tax deduction amount to every donor. We also ensure our charitable organizations receive the same guarantee. By donating your car to us you are gaining something in return for your kindness. We’d be happy to answer any of your car donation related questions.

The Cars Helping America car charity program was instituted to assist people across the country in getting reliable transportation. Every car, boat or SUV donated to our car charity gets our very special personal attention. We learn the details about each vehicle and we do our research to find out where that vehicle should be sold.

There are plenty of avenues we search when seeking to sell. Whatever avenue yields the biggest profit is where we route that vehicle. Our experience in the car charity field makes us reliable and trustworthy entity.  Our fast and courtesy customer service is among the best in the nation.
We make donating to any charity a breeze. We will take your preferences and will donate car, boat, truck or SUV to the specific charity of your personal choosing. When you seek to donate, one of our staff members will contact you.

You will receive tax information and we’ll take care of the rest. You’re in great hands. If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest way to donate, simply log on to our website. You will find the online form. Simply fill it out and the process is quickly underway. Have a charity in mind before you donate to make this process that much easier.

We honor all of our donors’ privacy. We are proud to say that we will not sell or share any of your personal information with third parties. Donate your car, truck, SUV or boat today.

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Donate A Car To Cars Helping America

Posted on Wednesday 29 December 2010

I was looking to donate my car when I was informed about the Cars Helping America program. I found the most useful information on their website. The information was easy to understand and the process seemed very simple. I liked that the service offered helped me donate my car faster than I thought. The entire process was handled with kindness and efficiency.

They even asked if I had a favorite charity I wanted to donate my car to. Cars Helping America definitely earns and maintains their reputation as the Nation’s #1 place to donate a car through. They took my car as is and assured me that they would get the biggest profit they could for the car and even offered me tax information that I could write off at the end of the year.

Their knowledgeable staff answered all of my questions no matter how simple or complex. I appreciated their patience and so will you.

Cars Helping America makes it simple to donate a car. You can donate a car, boat, SUV or truck in working or non-running condition, simply by logging on the Cars Helping America website and filling out the online form.

You’ll be prompted to enter all the vital information and a represented will follow up with you about the vehicle. To donate a car is absolutely free of charge. The donors do not pay a fee—not even towing and/or removal. Charities do not pay a fee, either.

We do not require membership fees for charities to benefit from our services. Cars Helping America will make all the arrangements to pick up the title to any vehicle and the vehicle itself. Don’t worry about the tax benefits either. They’ll leave all the tax documentation you’ll need to have for your next filing. They make it easy to donate a car.

When you donate a car to Cars Helping America you can do so with complete security. They will not sell or share your personal information with other companies. This makes the process more than secure and puts all donors at ease. Donate your car in any condition. Help out someone in need.

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Tax Credits From Car Donations

Posted on Thursday 23 December 2010

Disposing of used cars can be done effectively through car donations. Making car donations can be done by getting in touch with a donation company and arranging for the disposal of your car. A donation is faster and easier than selling an old car in the market.

Therefore, this donation helps to avoid all the hassles that arise when you want sell your old car. This contribution of yours can help a non profit organization and also bring smiles on the faces of needed people.

Car donations allow you to help people who are less fortunate and at the same time afford you valuable tax deductions. Poor people who depend on these car charity organizations also deserve to get the joy of life. The government gives you the leeway of enjoying tax deductions equal to the value of your donated car. Every body becomes happy because of this act. Each party gains something in this process. In this way these donations have great significance.

A key to this undertaking would be to first find out the amount of tax deduction you would be credited before making the actual donation. In the United States for instance, there are federal laws that delineate the tax deductions for car donations. In these laws, there are discussions as to the two possible amounts for your tax deductions, namely, the fair market price and the gross sales amount of your car. A proper study of all the rules is essential.

Before the tax laws of 2005, the fair market value of the car was pegged for the value of the car. This was acceptable until the government realized that the owners were misdeclaring the value of their cars for purposes of increasing their tax deductions unnecessarily and denying information as to the makes and models of cars to determine their conditions.

This then triggered the move by the government to now consider the gross sales amount as the new reference for tax deductions claims by donors. This reference is very necessary to get genuine claims for deduction. By this process people get what their old car is worth of. The car donations now require stringent measures for its lawful processing.

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Whether Or Not To Donate My Car

Posted on Thursday 16 December 2010

There may have been thoughts that crossed your mind on whether or not to “donate my car” and this happens to a lot of people around the world. In the past several decades, car donation has been extensively done and is a valuable form of charity both in the United States and in other countries.

People are increasingly taking part in this act that can benefit an organization that works for others. But this form of charity is often tedious to undertake. Knowing the different details and procedure in making a car donation makes for an easier way in going about its details. Proper analyses of the procedure followed will simply your task in a large manner.

It is important to select the right charity when you ask yourself to “donate my car”. This is because the charity you choose must get the maximum benefit and the role of intermediaries should be reduced to minimum. You will find out that there is a wide selection of charitable institutions where you can donate your car.

While there are some charities that do not accept cars as mere gifts, it is necessary to find out which specific company accepts car donations straight out. Make a decision only after giving a good thought to it.

Usually, car donations are done in the city where you reside, but there are times when the donation company do not have the logistics to process a car donation, so if you have the time, it pays to seek out the donation company that already has the basic structure to accommodate and process your car donation. This small effort from your side can help others and create a large difference.

When you think of the phrase “donate my car”, it would be prudent to prepare for the transfer of title of your car to the accepting donation firm. This would be important in making tax declarations and canceling parking tickets in your favor. This would also prevent many issues that can arise in the coming time.

Always remember to keep all receipts and transaction records to help you manage your tax deductions later. These small things matter a lot in the long run.

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Car Donation: What Are The Different Ways To Go About It?

Posted on Wednesday 8 December 2010

There are a lot of different people out there that are interested to donate a car but aren’t quite familiar with how to go about it. For such individuals, there is a list of ways in which you can donate a car and has been written below.

Depending on what your priorities might be, you might want to pick from one or more of these methods and follow through with them in order to learn more about donating a car. Soon enough, you will discover that car donations are actually a hassle free affair now, and much simpler than you think.

The easiest way to donate cartoday would probably be by going online. The internet is truly a wonderful place that you can go to for donations of any kind. You should be able to take part in it and not be worried about it, unless you go to some unknown website.

There are a ton of good websites out there that you can make use of in this regard, and most of them even drop down to your home in order to pick up the car from your place. Truly, this is as convenient as it can possibly be.

The other way that you can donate is the conventional way, wherein you go to a place that is involved with donations and hand them your car and sign some documents in return. While you can donate a carin this manner, you might perhaps want to be careful with where you go to hand over your car and ensure that it is in fact registered as a genuine charitable organization. Don’t get carried away and keep in mind that donations are not restricted only to the big brands that you might have come across.

It is also possible to take part in car donations and do everything on your own. If you are the kind that likes to do things on your own, you ought to put your ads on the classifieds and wait for all the replies. Eventually, you are sure to find someone that is a genuine need of the car and you can hand it over to them. Be warned that by doing so, you should have a good idea of sifting out the tricksters and not simply handing out your car to anyone and everyone that asks for it.

In some cases, it might be possible to donate a car if you drop down to some religious institution and hand out the car to these people for benefitting a less fortunate family. This is something that you might perhaps want to go in for if you are religious and believe that the almighty should decide who should benefit from your donation.

Again, use caution and don’t be blinded by faith as it is quite possible that you might be still taken for a ride. In the end, keep up your promise and do donate car, since you never really know how you are going to change someone’s life.

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Car Charity: It Is More Than Just A Feel Good Factor

Posted on Friday 3 December 2010

When someone talks about car charity, not everyone quite understands what the big deal is and why so many people are involved with it. However, if you do give it a try and see for yourself, you might probably understand why people are so willing towards it and have no restrictions whatsoever in taking part in it.

In fact, this is one of the things that is highly recommended for everyone to be a part of and essentially something that we all ought to try at some point in our lives. You are guaranteed to find it enriching and essentially meaningful to go in for.

One of the first things about car charitythat is bound to catch your attention is that it is not something that only rich people take part in. Even the middle class families that have an old car which will not fetch a lot of money are willing to give it away for a good cause. For those of you that do have additional cars and are not necessarily in debt, this is something worth seriously considering.

You don’t need to have a swanky car and make a big deal out of the donation. In fact, if you just have something that runs fine with some minor imperfections, it should qualify for the car donation.

If you still need more reasons to participate in car charity, then maybe the tax breaks could be something worth considering. Rather than pay more money to the government, wouldn’t you rather hold on to your tax money and instead give your car to a deserving family?

The amount saved depends on the kind of car that you are handing out, but this is definitely something that you would want to perhaps keep in consideration, especially if you are doing your finances. Instead of sealing it for a measly price, donate it and save money on it.

For those of you that are planning to run for an administrative position or as someone working in the government, maintaining image can be quite an important thing. Hence, one of the ways in which you can do so is by participating in as well as actively supporting car charity. The impoverished and the desolate are definitely going to vouch for your cause and might even actively support you during the voting season. It might sound farfetched, but this is something that has shown to work quite well in the past.

Hence, with all there is to it, you should find that car charity is one of those things that you are definitely going to want to actively take part in. Many people consider this as something that they would only do if they have the money to let go. But, you don’t really have to be overly rich as such for taking part in it.

That old car which you rarely use can be a very good donation to those that can only dream of affording cars. Think about it and see whether this is something that you can take part in.

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Donate My Car: Find Committed Agent

Posted on Monday 22 November 2010

It is unthinkable to even imagine that someone would want to tamper with a donation that you have set aside for the needy. However, it is not something that you would just take lightly. Not everyone has the fellow feeling heart, there are those who are greedy and out to make something out of what you choose to donate to help someone.

This many not get down well with you and you would want to be sure that when you give it reaches the truly needy and deserving individual. Even though it is said that when you give you should not give with double heart, it is just in order that you take precautions. You may want to be sure before you finally decide to donate my car.

Ideally, you are out to help someone who really needs the support and it is not fair for someone to block the donation before it gets there because of greediness. What would help you is to ensure that you donate car through a very committed agent. This will work when you know what defines commitment and you check until you see it.

The commitment of the agent would push it to want to find some of the best prices in the market. The agent would not just sell the car at a cheap price but the best highest price. Again, the agent would also ensure that they make use of the tax deduction benefit for maximum value.

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Car Charity: Choose Where To Assist

Posted on Sunday 7 November 2010

It is good to have your freedom when you have a heart to help. There are those who are in dire need and when you are touched to help them, you need to have the freedom and the liberty to do so. There are several charity organizations that welcome help from people who have minds like yours but maybe you have a specific charity organization in mind.

First of all, it is important to remember that the charities have no other source of funding except for donations from well wishers like you. For that, it is in order that you go ahead and make your donation as you have just thought. There are different kinds of donations you may wish to make but you need to know that you can also opt for car charity.

There is something more that you need to get clear. It is the fact that you have the freedom to specify the organization you would wish to support with your car donation charity. Whereas some agencies that collect the donations and forward to charities may not grant you the freedom, you should know that there is one who respects your preferences.

They will do everything that needs to be done so that the donation you have given gets to the charity as you had intended. It is fulfilling to know that you kind heart and deed would certainly reach those you have a heart for.

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Car Donation Can Add High Repo To Your Social Profile

Posted on Wednesday 27 October 2010

The popularity rate of people opting to donate their old cars is gaining is increasing rapidly. This is a good thing, for in this world full or crimes and violence, there are still these good acts that are not let to rot along with old cars. If you are one of these people then congratulations, for you have learned the greatest values of all.

For those who haven’t made car donations yet, here are some of the reasons why it can add high repo to your social profile:

•    One highly rated advice by most SEO is to use up all advertisements as you can to market your business. And one of the most effective SEO marketing strategies is via donations and charities. Once you make a donation, these charitable institutions will surely make your name known to everyone including in the powerful web pages, and press releases. You will name will surely be recognized.

•    Another is that you would surely meet a lot of folks who like you donates to charitable institutions. These people are surely nice to meet and can be useful in times when you are in need. People who donate come from different walks of life, some have respectable positions in large companies, and you will be lined with one of them.

•    Once people know that you are into charitable deeds, people reaction about you would always be positive, you can even talk to them and entice them to do similar deed. You can explain to them how things go and how it can be helpful to them and to the charitable institution you wish to make these donations.

Helping others always makes a good impression, and there is no limit on how little or big your heart is. What’s important is that you are giving it your best shot. In terms of social profile, people are easy to please, once they see good deed in you, they instantaneously think highly of you. After all how many people can give a hand in helping others, right? So making a donation is a move for yourself and for those you care about.

Tips when Donating your Vehicle to Charitable Institutions

1.    Make sure that the donated vehicle is re-titled to the charitable institution.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that sellers do, and surely you don’t want to receive a parking ticket on your name when you are in fact have donated your vehicle. Never let a blank ownership space on the car donation charity papers.

2.    Know the status of the charitable institution you wish to donate your vehicle into.

If you want to get your tax rebate for this donation, make sure that you know the status of the institution you wish to donate you vehicle into, make sure that their status is IRS approved and is a 501(c) (3) institution. When filing for a tax rebate, you need to make sure that you fill out IRS form 8283 if the Fair market value is more than $500. If the fair market value of your vehicle is more than $5000 then you need to ensure that proper outside appraisal. You should also make sure that you have proof of the donation including the title change, and receipt from the institution.

3.    Avoid middlemen.

If you regular charity is not equipped to accept car donations like vehicle donation, it is still best that you research until you find reputable institution instead. However if you don’t have time to deal with these stuff, then just make sure that the person you talk to about your donation have a reputable account for which higher percentage of the fair market value of your vehicle goes directly to the charitable institution.

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Did You Know? Car Donation Can Save A Kid’s Life?

Posted on Wednesday 20 October 2010

In today’s time people are no longer limited to only one car, most of the times each household have two if not three different cars at a time. When one car breaks down, it is immediately replaced, other times is when a family is faced with the need to get larger and newer versions. At these situations old cars are usually left to rot inside the garage.

These folks may have heard about car donation but simply changes their minds about actually doing it because they don’t have time to do some paper works, or just do not know where to start, however if you think about it, making car donations is of your advantage.

Did you know that the more and more children are homeless, lacks in education, and are abused? These children are supposed to be in school, learning ABCs instead they are faced with unimaginable problem at such early age. Good thing is there are more non-profitable organizations that help these poor children survive these ordeals, the problem is as much as these organizations would be pleased to home as many poor children as they want and provide them with shelter, food, and proper education, they have very limited budget.

And that is how you could help. Children’s foundations are in need to sponsors to help them care for these less fortunate children. If you own something that is of no use to you then you shouldn’t think twice about donating it. Some people do not realize that one effort means a lot to these foundations. One single car donation can help many children. Always put in mind that helping means doing it first hand, do not expect others to help out let yourself be the leader of good will, and just let others follow your lead.

What you get out of being Charitable?

Another fact about car donation is that it actually helps you too. A car donation helps you claim a tax deduction for your donated car. You can have a rebate on your fiscal by merely opening your heart to these needy children. Of course the rebate depends on IRS and the market value of your car.

Emotionally, helping others also means helping yourself. By reaching out to people, you will develop a sense of satisfaction, you will make more children happy, you may not understand it now but once you made good deed to these poor children and know how big change your little leap made, a positive outlook in your life is surely on its way. Self satisfaction is something that cannot be achieved easily for you keep challenging yourself, but in helping out you will instantaneously feel the gratitude.

What happens to the money earned?

No here’s what happen to the money your car earned, of course some part f it goes to the person who sold it as commission but larger part of it are sent to the foundation of your choice. You will receive a receipt if the car’s worth is over $500, this receipt plays a big part on your tax deduction or rebate so make sure that you complete all forms such as IRS 8283, and name the car after the car charity foundation you wish to give it to.

Reaching out to people in need through simple donations of the things that you no longer have use for is not just heartwarming, but a heroic act indeed. If you think that you are only getting a tax deduction for yourself, then you should start giving today for you would surely feel that it is not the only thing that you gain.

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