How and Why a Charity Should Hire a Vehicle Donation Agent

If you are a California charity then you might be interested in encouraging individuals to make a Bay area car donation. You may have read about the benefits of accepting donated vehicles but you might be concerned about the logistics of accepting this form of donation for your own organization. You are right to be concerned about doing it yourself. There is a lot of work that goes into accepting vehicles as donations and the work must be meticulous in order for your charity and the individual donor to get the maximum benefit from the donated vehicle.

There is a solution that allows charities to benefit from donated vehicles without all of the work involved. That solution is to contract with a reputable vehicle donation agent. The vehicle donation agent will arrange for the pick-up of the vehicles, the sale of the vehicles and will handle all of the requisite legal and tax paperwork that needs to be handled for a proper transaction. There are many vehicle donation agents operating in the United States and it is important that as a charity you not only do business with a reputable vehicle donation agent but also that you do business with one that makes your job hassle free and provides your organization with the greatest financial benefit.

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Here are some things to consider as a charity that is looking to contract with a vehicle donation agent:

1. Consult with IRS Publication 4302. When a charity hires a vehicle donation agent that operates for profit, the charity must make sure that the agency relationship is established pursuant to applicable state law. The charity must actively oversee the operations of the vehicle donation agent. Otherwise, the charity might be subject to tax penalties.

2. Find a reputable vehicle donation agent. It will make your oversight job easier if you work with a vehicle donation agent that you can trust. Personal recommendations are always valuable. So, it is a good idea to ask other charities if they accept vehicle donations and which vehicle donation agent they use. It is also useful to check out any vehicle donation agent with the Better Business Bureau and the state attorney general�s office prior to entering an agency contract.

3. Consider all of the costs. Most vehicle donation agents will sell the donated cars and subtract their fees from the sale price. Then they will share the remaining profits with the charity according to a predetermined percentage arrangement.

As a charity your ultimate goal is to fulfill your mission. In many areas, including the Bay area, car donation programs can help charities raise money to fulfill their missions. Accordingly, each charity should carefully weigh the pros and cons of vehicle donation programs and consider whether they will benefit from these types of programs. Charities should also consider whether they will benefit from using donated vehicles. Use of donating vehicles is subject to a different set of rules than those described above but can also greatly benefit different charities. So, if you are a charity operating in the Bay Area, car donation programs may be a very useful way to increase the donations your charity accepts.


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