Boston Charity Car Donations

If you are interested in helping a Boston charity, car donation is a wonderful way to provide the charity with much needed assistance. A car donation allows the charity to use the proceeds from the sale to fund the charitable programs that it runs. So what kinds of Boston area charities benefit from car donations? Many different types of charities can benefit from car donations. Here are just a few of the groups that you can provide with benefits:

* People in Need of Medical Care or Research. If you are looking to give to a Boston charity, car donation is a much appreciated by many different types of medical charities in the area. Some Massachusetts charities include the Melanoma Education Foundation and Aids Project Worcester.

* Students. Both charities serving individual students and not for profit schools can benefit from car donations. For example, the Boston Scholars Program helps give quality educational opportunities to Boston�s underprivileged youth and part of their funds come from car donations. Another example of a charity that accepts car donations to benefit students is Citizens School. Citizens schools began in Boston and now has many campuses in several different cities in part due to the funds raised through car donations.

* Animals. There are many charities that benefit from the donation of used cars to further their protection of animals. Some, such as the Nine Lives of Norton Animal Rescue Shelter protect unwanted household pets from being killed and others work on protecting animals rights.

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* Religious Organizations. There are many religious organizations of different faiths that benefit from the donation of used cars. Just a few of these organizations in the Greater Boston area include: the Salem Mission, Jewish Family Service of the North Shore and, the Sufi Order of Boston.

* People with Disabilities. People with disabilities often need the funds provides by various charities to educate them, to help with their medical expenses and to do much needed research in the area of their disability. Massachusetts charities such as the Lowell Association for the Blind, the National Alliance of Mental Illness of MA and the Fund for Autistic Children TKOF Division accept donated vehicles to further these goals.

Although the charities described above already accept car donations, you should not feel limited by this list. There are many other charities in Massachusetts and around the country that also accept car donations. And, if you have a favorite charity that does not currently accept car donations, then you should speak to their fundraising chairperson about the benefits of accepting car donations. If you explain how easy it is to do with the help of a vehicle donation agent then they may be very eager to add it to their donation repertoire.

There are so many charities in Boston and around the country that need donations to help further their missions that we as a society depend on them to carry out. So, before you sell your used vehicle think about your favorite charitable cause and carefully consider helping a Boston charity -- car donation is a wonderful way to do it!


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