How to Donate Your Car to the Right Charity

If you are interested in making a charitable car donation, California and many national organizations have some resources that are important for you to know about before you make your donation. These resources make it easy to check out the legitimacy and purpose of the charity to which you are thinking about making a donation. This is extremely important in this day and age when fraud is all too prevalent.

There are a few national organizations with which you can check the legitimacy of a charity. These organizations have information about charities in California and in other states. For example, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a Wise Giving Alliance division that tracks information about charities nationwide. The Wise Giving Alliance allows you to search by charity, file a complaint against a charity and it also has some useful information about how to choose a charity. Charity Navigator is another source that provides useful information on individual charities nationwide. It also has a lot of information about how to evaluate charities.

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If you are thinking about making a charitable care donation, California has some state specific resources that are very useful. For example, you can check with the California Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General to see if the charity is registered with the state. The website of the California Attorney General offers a lot of information about the approximately 150,000 charities that are registered in California. There is also financial information for the largest of those charities. You may also access reporting and registration requirements as well as a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section on that website.

Of course, these resources should compliment your own judgments when you are dealing with various charities. Charities should be proud of their exemplary records and the things that they accomplish in furtherance of their mission. This should be prominently displayed on their website and you should be able to independently verify it with some of the organizations listed above. Further, you should ask for references and speak to individuals who have knowledge about how the charity operates. At no time should you feel pressured or unsure about your decision to donate your vehicle to a specific charity. Charities are, by organization, dependent on donations to fulfill their mission. Accordingly, you should be treated with respect and have all of your questions answered as openly, honestly and thoroughly as possible before you commit to donating your vehicle.

Vehicle donations are a wonderful benefit to California charities. The proceeds from the sales allow many different charities to do the work that our society depends on charities to do. Some charities help the underprivileged people in our society, some work at cleaning up the environment, educating our kids or providing religious education or services. There are so many worthwhile charities that make California a better place to live. So, take the time to research charities when you are thinking about making a charitable car donation; California will benefit from the time you put in to make sure that you are helping a worthwhile cause.


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