The Charity Benefits

If you are interested in making a car donation, Massachusetts charities are ready to receive your donation and to put it to good use. Many people wonder what a single charity is going to do with multiple vehicle donations. It is hard to imagine that a nursery school, pet shelter or religious organization is going to need multiple cars that dont run, boats, and other vehicles. But they do and heres why.

Charities Benefit Financially From Vehicle Donations

Every time you make a car donation, Massachusetts citizens benefit. The charity to which you make the donation will make sure that that happens. Most of the time, the charity will sell your donated vehicle and use the money to further its mission. Of course, there are situation in which a charity would use the donated vehicle itself rather than sell it. For example, if you donate your used car to a charity that regularly makes food deliveries to the underprivileged or if you donate your boat to a camp for disabled children, then the charity might use your vehicle rather than sell it.

Charities Benefit From Using Vehicle Donation Centers

If youve ever tried to sell a vehicle then you know that it is a lot of work. Therefore, most charities contract with a vehicle donation center. A vehicle donation center is authorized to accept and sell vehicles on behalf of the charities that contract with it. It is the goal of the vehicle donation center to sell your vehicle for the highest price. That way everyone, the charity, you and the vehicle donation center, benefit.

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It is important that you take the time to learn how the vehicle donation center operates prior to agreeing to sell your vehicle. For example, you want to learn about their fee structure and about the percentage of net proceeds that it gives to the charity. In most cases, vehicle donation centers deduct fees from the total sale price of the vehicle. The fees include things like towing fees, auction fees and repair fees that the vehicle donation center incurred in the process of selling your vehicle.

The money that is left from the sale after those fees are deducted is the net profits. Usually, the vehicle donation center and the charity each take a percentage of the net profits. Of course, as the donor, you want to see as much money as possible go to the charity and not to the vehicle donation center. That is why it is important to consider both the fees and the percentage of net profits when you are making your decision about which vehicle donation center and charity to do business with.

Using a vehicle donation center is a great benefit to a charity. It takes all of the time consuming work out of selling the car and allows the charity to use the proceeds from the sale to further its mission. So, if you are thinking about making a car donation, Massachusetts charities often work with vehicle donation centers to make sure that as much money as possible is given to the cause you seek to support.


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