How To Donate a Vehicle to Charity

Donating a vehicle to charity should be an easy and pleasant transaction. Often, people are reluctant to donate their vehicle to charity because they think it will be a hassle or they have heard that vehicle donation centers do not allow them to choose which charity benefits from their donation. However, none of this has to be true. You should be able to donate to the charity of your choice in an easy and pleasant transaction.

To begin the process of donating a vehicle to charity, you can either contact a charity that you are interested in donating to or you can contact a vehicle donation center. If you contact the charity then you should inquire as to whether or not they work with a vehicle donation center. If they do not, then you want to make sure that they know all of the IRS laws and regulations. You also want to make sure that they are equipped to pick up your vehicle at your house and sell it quickly. You do not want to have to follow up with them and have a prolonged and stressful donation process.

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A simpler way to donate your vehicle to charity is to do so through a vehicle donation center. You can find vehicle donation centers online. You want to do business with one that has a streamlined donation process and allows you to make your donation to the charity of your choose. For these reasons, the vehicle donation center�s website is very important. Look for one that has a list of the charities that contract with it and has website links to all of the charities. This is especially useful if you do not have a specific charity in mind and would like some good ideas about where to make your donation.

It is important to remember that you are making a donation and that the whole donation process should be done with your convenience in mind. To that end, look for a vehicle donation center that allows you to start the donation process online. The vehicle donation center should have a simple form for you to fill out online that collects basic information about you and the car you wish to donate to charity. It should ask your charity preference and when the best time to reach you.

After you fill out the form, you should be contacted by a representative of the vehicle donation center who will schedule your vehicle�s pick up. A good vehicle donation center will have pick up times Monday � Saturday so that the vehicle can be picked up at your convenience. The entire process should be completed in about one week. The only outstanding piece will be the required information that you need for your tax dedeuction which should arrive to you within 30 days of when the car is picked up from you.

Donating a vehicle to charity is a wonderful thing to do and you should be treated to an easy and pleasant transaction when you donate your vehicle to a good cause.


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