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People need to get creative in the ways in which they donate to charity during difficult economic times and if a donor makes a junk car donation, Boston area charities will benefit. Charitable giving can be difficult in hard economic times, yet it is more important than ever. People often have stagnant incomes or face the financial challenges of unemployment. That, combined with rising food and gas prices, can make charitable giving very challenging, even if people are eager to give. At the same time, difficult economic times often increase the demand for charitable services at a time when charities themselves are strapped for money. Accordingly, it is important for charities to be creative in the way in which they accept donations.


If you are a charity, then you know how difficult it can be to get monetary donations when many people are struggling to pay their bills. People may also be less willing to donate food because it costs money to purchase or old clothing because they still need to wear it and can�t afford to purchase new clothing. People often don�t realize that they can make other types of donations that benefit charities.

One way in which charities can increase their donations is by accepting junk car donations. Junk cars often sit abandoned in peoples� driveways or yards. They are an eyesore but people are reluctant to spend money to tow the car to a junkyard when money is tight.

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It is important that charities advertise and publicize their need for other things such as junk cars. You may be very surprised at the enthusiastic response that you get from potential donors who are eager to help you and may even be able to realize their own financial benefit in the form of a tax deduction by doing so.

A charity that accepts junk car donations can benefit everyone. The charity, or its agent, will pick up the car and tow it away. The car will most likely be sold at auction for its parts. The charity will then use the proceeds, after paying all of the fees and its agent, to further its charitable mission.


It costs nothing to the donor who makes a junk car donation. Boston charities will even provide the donor with a written statement describing the value of the car. The donor can then use this statement as documentation for a tax deduction. Often, however, donors are most pleased that the car has been removed from their properties and that even in very difficult economic times they are able to help their favorite charities and those less fortunate.

Charities face unique and significant challenges when unemployment and inflation rise and the country faces a potential recession. Not only do their expenses rise and their funds decrease along with the rest of the nation but often the demand for their services increase. So, it is useful to think of creative ways of fundraising to help solve this problem and if Boston charities can find donors to make a junk car donation, Boston residents will benefit.


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