Car Donation Information

Car DonationDonate a car to the Charity of Your choice with Cars Helping America - Nation's #1 Car Donation Program.

Whether you're donating to charity a running or non-running car, boat, truck, van, or SUV, we share your goal - to get the maximum value for each and every vehicle donated.

We provide the optimum in nationwide car donation service. You tell us which charity you want to help and we'll take care of the rest!

Cars Helping America is one of the most respected car donation charity centers. To donate simply fill out the online form choosing the charity of your choice. A representative will contact you regarding your car donation explaining the process. You will receive all the necessary tax information.

Looking to Donate a car? What distinguishes Cars Helping America from other charitable car donation agents that you could choose?
OUR COMMITMENT- to car donors and to charities
Our aim is to give car donors the largest possible tax deduction benefit; and, to give charities the largest possible monetary amount from each and every auto donation.

How do we achieve this?

Every donated car, truck , SUV or boat receives our personal attention. Our sales experts know where each vehicle is likely to sell for the highest price. That's where we'll sell it! Auctions, e-bay, car lots; different cars do better in different places. Unlike other vehicle donation programs, we do not automatically have all donated vehicles sent to auction.

We enjoy a reputation of:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Experience
  • Fast, friendly, and efficient customer service

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That's why vehicle donors, car dealerships, and businesses contact us over and over again to handle their charitable car donations.


And, that's why charities choose us to be their vehicle donation agent. See what our charities have to say about our car donation services by clicking on Car Donation Program.

We provide free pick up of your donated vehicle, take care of all title transfer requirements, and issue all proper car donation tax documentation.


To donate cars to our car donation charity, fill out the vehicle donation form on our website. Cars Helping America is the most-trusted and respected vehicle donation program.


Our service is provided free of charge to all donors. No charge for junk car removal either. There are no membership fees for charities to participate in our car donation program.

You can donate a car to charity by filling out our short, simple, on-line donation form.
Review our list of charities by clicking on "Car Donation Charity Listing"
Questions? Click on "Vehicle Donation Questions."
Or, contact us directly at 978-804-0347.

Together, we can turn your old vehicle into new hope!

Your tax deductible vehicle donation will provide much needed support.

Privacy Policy
Cars Helping America uses its best efforts to respect and protect the privacy of our online visitors and donors. We will not share or sell your e-mail address or private information with third parties.

Looking to donate a car to a car donation charity? Cars Helping America is the car donation charity of choice. Contribute to our vehicle donation program for a tax deduction benefit.


Car Donation Information

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